20 Mar

Branding Through Video Production Importance in Today’s Market

To most businesses, promoting the products and services is chief amongst all marketing strategy to attract customer and retain previous clients. But many business owners do not know that branding is an important element in endorsing your products and services.

What is Branding?

This is a word you often hear in the marketing circle. A few years ago, branding was defined as a name, symbol, slogan or a combination of both that distinguishes your business’ products and services between you and your rival companies. However, in today’s market, branding is not defined as that simplistic anymore. When you talk about branding now, it might be an abstract idea or picture in your client’s mind that connects them with your products and services. A great branding should motivate customers to buy, delivers a clear message about the products and services you offer and emotionally engages your customers to stay loyal to your brand.

Promoting to Ideal Customer

On another note, video production is one of the best ways to promote your brand to your audience. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you will greatly benefit from using a good branding strategy in your videos. Miami video production experts, from Lemonlight Media, suggests that you sit down with your marketing director and talk to a branding consultant so everyone is on the same page.

Take for example McDonald’s. This fast-food giant has always been on top of their game. McDonald’s commercials will always associate the establishment with happiness as families eat burgers and fries together. Another way that McDonald’s has branded themselves well in the mind of their customers is the yellow letter “M”. Whatever part of the world you may go, the yellow letter “M” is McDonald’s.

Product Placement

Another effective way that businesses have used videos for promoting their brands is through product placements. You have watched television shows where a certain character is using a certain product of toothpaste or a cereal box in the background is that of Kellogg’s. Product placement does not necessarily have to be placed directly on a screen for people to want to buy that product or try that service. Many have argued that doing product placements in television shows or movies is a form of trickery to the viewers. By making it look that the actors are using this certain product in their everyday lives, the viewers will also do the same.

Most people prefer watching videos online than reading contents. Take advantage of this fact to boost your sales and connection to your customers. If you have chosen a certain logo, slogan or symbol to represent your brand, make sure that this is displayed in your company’s videos. With this in mind, whenever people see your logo or symbol, they will know that it is your company’s.